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;Guess who got their Yamato hotsuin dakimakura today ! All thanks to the wonderful person that works at doujin go ; and the person who made the case(Rin!) ! I’ll make sure to give kudos later and etc; it’s really soft and nice ^^; thank you so much I can finally hug my husband OTL , it even comes with a cute Jude Mathis card from tales of xillia <3


I’ll make sure to buy again from this wonderful store ; once I make the money that is OTL thank you guys so much I would hyperlink to the store but I’m on mobile right now qq


No problems, just glad that it arrived safe and sound! Just to clarify I’m (Rin) the one who runs DoujinGO and my friend is the one who actually drew and produced the dakimakura. :)

Anyway, thanks for the positive review and support! :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do the Clow Cards/Book currently up on the store have the magnetic clasp?
doujingo doujingo Said:


Currently, there is no ready stock (as with most of the items on DoujinGO), but there’s a batch coming in probably early September. That batch will have the magnetic clasps. :)

The Post-ICDS Sale Is Here!

As promised, here’s the limited time (and quantity) sale on the ICDS items! The items are priced higher than the price in ICDS, because I have to factor in the packaging materials (as well as my own transportation cost) in order to post them.

All shirts are at a discounted price of $35.00SGD each, and you get a further 20% off, when you buy any 2 shirts featured in the sale

This batch of Kill la Kill iPhone 5/5s phone covers is also the last batch, as the iPhone 5/5s version is already out of production. So if you want it, do grab it, as there is free international shipping for it during the sale period.

Most of the rest of the items will also enjoy FREE international shipping! The only exceptions are the DMMD mugs and Gundam bottles as they are very heavy. But for these two items, the shipping are also heavily discounted (around 40-60% off).

For the locals, you guys will be getting FREE SmartPac Delivery (90% next-day delivery), worth $4.70. However as the DMMD mugs and Gundam bottles are too bulky to fit inside the SmartPac box, they will be delivered via registered mail instead. Registered mail for all items for locals are free as per the Shipping Policy on DoujinGO! :)

The sales period will last from 0000 26th August 2014 to 2400 31st August 2014 (GMT+0800). All orders for this sale are also eligible for the DoujinGO July Kuji.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Post-ICDS 2014 Sale Page over here now!

ICDS 2014 is over and I’m back!

A big thank you to all of you who stopped by the booth to purchase something from me or just stopped by to find out what DoujinGO is and to chat with me. It was a wonderful and enjoyable (though tiring) experience for me! (and also my parents who came to help me move things as this was their first time at a cosplay event. XD)

Saw a lot of wonderful cosplayers as well, but as I was manning the booth, I couldn’t go take photos (but my parents did! :D).

Just give me another week to sort out the stocks and other admin matters, and DoujinGO should be back to normal soon in the month of September.

As I didn’t manage to carry out the Pre-Order Round 2 of August, the Pre-Order Round 1 of September will definitely be jamm-packed with new items!

There will also be a special FLASH SALE for the ICDS 2014 items soon, for those of you who didn’t mange to go to ICDS 2014 or for those of you who are overseas and have been asking me if the items are going up on DoujinGO. There are only limited number of quantities and sizes for each item, so do grab them quickly when the sale comes on!

September is going to be an exciting month yet again, so hopefully you will hang onto your pay at the end of this month for the upcoming products as well as the flash sale! :D

And that’s about it from me today as I need to get back to preparing for the Sept Pre-Order Round 1 and also the Post-ICDS Flash Sale!

A friendly reminder that DoujinGO is now at ICDS 2014.

For those of you who have preordered items, so remember to come down to *scape to collect your items, as uncollected items will not be refunded. :)

DoujinGO is now @ ICDS 2014

So if you’re already there, do drop by and say hi! :D

All armed and prepared for DoujinGO’s first event at ICDS 2014! Going to sleep now & see you there! :D おやすみなさい! 

Here’s The Products and Pricelist for ICDS 2014!

In case you guys are wondering, this is the list of confirmed products and prices which DoujinGO will be brining over tomorrow for ICDS 2014! Just a friendly reminder that DoujinGO is located on the 4th Floor at *SCAPE, opposite the esclators and in between the INFO counter and the CDS & Wacom booth! :D

All these products (with the exception of the KLK iPhone 5/5s Case) are all exclusive to ICDS 2014, meaning you can’t get them on the online store yet, and at very special pricing, only for ICDS 2014.

Do remember that there are limited quantities of each item available, so do grab them early if you really want them!

Not only that, you will also be able to get special free gifts, with your purchases, while stocks last!

Whether you’re going to get anything from the booth or not, if you’re a fan of DoujinGO or am just curious about DoujinGO, feel free to drop by and say hi! :D

See you guys there!


ICDS x DoujinGO 2014: Floor Plans Ahoy!

It’s getting closer and closer to August 2014 and August is an exciting month for DoujinGO, because it is DoujinGO’s first time having an event booth! And it will be at the International Cosplay Day Singapore 2014, held on 24th August.

So a few days ago, the ICDS has released the floor plan officially! And DoujinGO is located on the Level 4 in between the escalator from Level 3 and the escalator to Level 5. I’m also beside CDS as well! 

For those of you who are coming down to collect your pre-ordered items at ICDS 2014, just a reminder that DoujinGO is located on Level 4, in between the escalator from Level 3 and the escalator to Level 5. I’m also in between CDS and the INFO booth, so hopefully those two booths would be enough landmarks for you guys!

Simply just drop by and let me know your Order ID Number, indicated in the Order Details box on your email invoice. An example is shown below:

In this case, the Order ID: is 11. :) 

Do remember to collect your items on that day, as uncollected items will not be refunded.

Even if you’ve not pre-ordered anything, do feel free to drop by to say hi and take a look at some of the ICDS exclusive items that I’m bringing to *SCAPE on Sunday! :D


Do you think you’ll have restocked the jotaro hat before the 30th?

Hi @bionic-ghost

Technically the hat isn’t out of stock, I’ve just stopped taking orders for it because of the amount of workload I have with the current number of orders I have for the hat, on top of the preparation for ICDS this weekend, as well as the usual Pre-Order Rounds. Unfortunately, there is only one me, so I’ve basically been leading 15-hour workday for the past 1.5 weeks.

So I stopped taking orders for it, so that I don’t have to worry about trying to new orders coming in, in order to concentrate now on all of the above. :)

An announcement will be made once I’m done with the current batch, estimated to be in early or mid Sept. :)